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Differenza Homes is a full service custom home builder and full service remodeling company servicing the Tampa, Florida area.


Commercial Building

Building quality in the commercial sector has fallen dramatically over the years. It doesn't have to be that way. Differenza Homes has a large commercial division dedicated to the business side of building. Our CEO comes from the business finance industry and understands the demands that go into commercial building.

When you hire Differenza Homes for your commercial building needs you know you are getting the same quality as our residential clients.

Commercial Remodeling

There is always a high demand for commercial remodeling but that doesn't stop us from putting out the very best quality workmanship.


Commercial properties need maintenance. Don;t go hire a bunch of contractors and hope they all work together well. Give the job to one company that you know will get the job done right the first time. From restaurants to retail stores we do it all.

Custom Orders

We received requests for a lot of customization work on commercial properties. If you need something specific built for your commercial property Differenza Homes is the place to call.

We have done everything from new custom patios for restaurants to building utility spaces for landscapers to extra storage space for retail stores. We can do it all so call us with any custom building order you have and we will build it right.