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Differenza Homes is a full service custom home builder and full service remodeling company servicing the Tampa, Florida area.


Home Building

We specialize in building quality homes. Florida is lacking in that department so we took everything we learned building homes in the Northeast and created an amazing set of standards that are just not seen in today's home construction.

You are tired of the cookie cutter cardboard houses and we understand that. Now you have a home builder to call that can build you the quality home you are looking for.


There are a lot of remodeling contractors out there. The best thing you could do is hire a quality home builder to take care of your remodeling jobs. The same knowledge of quality building spills over into our remodeling.

We take pride in our jobs. Quality is the top priority. Don't pay for a job twice just because it was cheap the first time. Let us handle all of your remodeling needs to you can rest easy.


Along with home building and remodeling comes home maintenance. Don't go looking around for someone that might do a great job fixing what is broken in your home. You can simply call the best and get it done right the first time.

Our builders are so knowledgeable we will not only take care of your home maintenance right the first time but you can always ask us any questions you have about future projects you have in mind. You can go to one company for all of your needs.