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About Differenza Homes

Differenza Homes was created from the demand for quality home building in Florida. People don't want cookie cutter low-quality homes. They want the quality home building of the north brought to the south and that is exactly what we have done.

Differenza Homes Builders
The Builders

Our veteran project manager Devin Palazzo and our builders are among the best in the business. With over 20 years of experience building homes in the Northeast and Florida we have compiled a wealth of knowledge regarding proper home building, what clients are looking for and how to do it right. There is nobody better in the business.

Real estate agents line up for the chance to assign a home building project to Differenza Homes simply because they know we build the best quality, we give a fair price and everyone wins. You don't have to settle for large corporation built cardboard houses anymore.

Differenza Homes Administrator

When it comes to home building the administration aspect of the business is so very important. That is why we have Paulina Harvey on board. Paulina is an administrative guru that has created a process which streamlines all of the paperwork. Our admins are by far the best in the business.

Home buyers have enough on their plates they shouldn't have to deal with unorganized administration. We have staff working hard on getting your home built as fast and as well-built as possible so your paperwork is the easy part.

Differenza Homes Operations Manager

The operations team is headed by Tony Palazzo who has a long track record of success. Operations is a very important part of the home building process. You don't have time for things going wrong or missing and that is why we have the best in the business running our operations.

The entire order and building process has been streamlined to give our clients the best experience possible. Contractors praise Differenza Homes every day because we make  the process easy and quick.

If there was ever a problem Tony is here to fix it.

Differenza Homes Customer Service Manager
Customer Service

There is nothing in this world worst than poor customer service. Don't waste time talking to recordings. You can call and speak with Brandon Mittelstedt if you need anything. Home owners need answers, contractors need checks, we get it. Our customer service is second to none.


The home building quality speaks for itself but when you add amazing customer service to the mix it's a winning recipe. We have seen it all so you don't have to worry about your service.

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