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Home Building and Design Plans

Custom Home Design


Not only can we build the home of your dreams the right way. We can also design your home from the ground up. There are hundreds of high quality customizable plans right here for you to choose from. Our builders, architects and engineers will help you create the home of your dreams so you can design, plan and build your home in one place.

Quality is the top priority. Don't settle for a few choices. Call Differenza Homes and let us help design exactly what you want.

Custom Home Building

We specialize in building quality homes. Florida is lacking in that department so we took everything we learned building homes in the Northeast and created an amazing set of standards that are just not seen in today's home construction.

  • Full service builds from the foundation up.

  • Local builder servicing Hillsborough County.

You are tired of the cookie cutter cardboard houses and we understand that. Now you have a home builder to call that can build you the unique quality home you are looking for.

The Amenities

Along with home building and remodeling comes the amenities. Don't go looking around for someone that might give you the best amenities available today. The right amenities make your life easier and really create a fine finish to your home.

  • Real hardwood floors

  • Granite and quartz countertops

  • Built-ins, barn doors & slow close hinges

Our builders are so knowledgeable we will take care of providing you with the best amenities for the best price possible. We are the company that can handle custom requests.

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